Jun 9, 2009

Sun Kissed

Now that Summer Time is Near, It's Important that We Don't Harm Our Skin Through the Powerful Rays of the Sun. Having Sun Kissed Skin is the Envy of Most Women. There is a Way to Look Bronzed without Sacrificing the Health of Your Skin. Bronzers are Often Misunderstood. I Believe that Bronzer is Not Applied with the Sun Kissed Inspiration In Mind. You want to Achieve what the Sun would do Naturally. Not too Shimmery and Not to Matte(Somewhere in the Middle). When the Sun is Beaming Down on Us, there are Five Areas that Receive the Touch Of Sun on the Face:

*The Forehead( Not in the Center, Concentrated on the Natural Bones Close and Around the Hairline).

*The Bridge Of the Nose(Along the Middle of the Bone of the Nose).

*The Chin(In the Center where the Chin Comes Forward the Most).

*Cheek Bones(Sheer and Light Where the Bones Stand Out).

*Jawline/Neck(To Continue the Flow of Sun Kissed Skin).

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