Jun 7, 2009

Sherilyn Fenn

Do you Remember Sherilyn Fenn??? Of Course You Do! How Could You Not! She Is One of the Most Beautiful Women I have Ever Seen. Dripping with Sexiness and Glamour. In Her Early Days, She is most Remembered by the Erotic Film Called 'Two Moon Junction' and Her Roll in 'Twin Peaks'. Sherilyn has Appeared in Many Movies Between 1984 to Present. And was the 'It Girl' In the Early 1990's. She is Memorable to Me because of her Good Looks, Presence, and How She Made You Feel Proud to Be a Woman!


  1. love, love,love her!! So glad that you posted about such a sexy lady!!!

  2. She has a movie coming out soon

  3. I remember her!!! she was also in "Of Mice and Men" and that weird movie with Julian Sands.."Boxing Helena"..what a movie that was. One truly obsessed with her beauty. If you haven't seen it..run, run, run out to rent or download it!

    This woman had and still has presence..clearly demanded your attention when she walks on screen..I hope this new movie coming out kick starts her career!


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