Oct 31, 2009

The Wicked Witch

The Greatest Wicked Witch Of All Time!!! The Wizard Of Oz's Margaret Hamilton.

Oct 30, 2009

Vintage Madonna #9

This is a very rare photo of Madonna on her Wedding Day to Sean Penn on August 16, 1985 in Malibu, California. On Madonna's Birthday and about to get married. Herb Ritts shot random pics of Madonna on this day, in her dressing room. In this moment he called her name and she lifted her veil to look at him and he shot the candid image. I love this photo because her eyes say so much...fear, joy, nervousness, hope and inexperience...

Oct 29, 2009

Wonderbra Party Dita Von Teese

This is for you Sarah...xo

Smokey Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez always looks pulled together with sexiness and style. I especially love her face! This Smokey Eye is so fantastic! Smokey silver, black and taupe. Here she is seen arriving to the premiere of This Is It, The Micheal Jackson movie, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. If your not a fan, I understand. But you can't deny that she scores on a regular basis when it comes to her makeup. She is probably the number one request I get from clients when they are looking for inspiration for their makeup look. I totally understand why...

Oct 28, 2009

Scott Barnes Concealer

Victoria Beckham Spring 2010

This Black Crochet Lace Dress is the standout piece of the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2010 Line. A hand-crocheted lace dress, made entirely of one piece of fabric, which forms at the breast, flares out in the skirt and nipped at the waist. A very flattering shape for a woman's body. I would never wear this dress the way it's shown here with bra and panties. If your daring and have a great body, why not?! This dress can be worn in a more respectable way. I would layer this dress over something sheer with opague tights. It's the classic shape and the texture of the dress that caught my eye and that there is lots of versatility in it.

Oct 27, 2009

Save The Seals

I love ad campaigns that feature celebrities standing strong and tall for a serious cause. Saving Baby Seals! PETA's latest, Save The Seals, is a cause worth paying attention too. Let's call for an end to the largest mass murder of marine mammals in the world. Go to www.petacatalog.com for a t-shirt or go to www.peta.org to find out more about how you can help. Every animal is innocent and has a right to live!

Oct 26, 2009

Madonna Planting In Malawi

Madonna plants a tree to launch the start of construction and the celebration ceremony for her Raising Malawi Academy.

NEW Sigma Makeup line!

The New Makeup Line to look out for...coming soon!


This seasons dark lip gets even darker. A rich Bordeaux is much more sophisticated then a brighter red. Our skin tends to be paler as we get deeper into the Fall. The contrast of a richer lip is striking and mysterious. "The darker your hair colour, the deeper the lipstick shade should be," advises Pati Dubroff, Makeup Extrodinare! A Bordeaux lip is powerful and can add a lift to your everday makeup. It can lift your spirits and alter your mood. It can make you feel confident and oh so beautiful!!!

Oct 22, 2009

Star Brow Of The Week

Salma Hayek

Oct 21, 2009

Petal To The Metal

I love everything about this Marc By Marc Jacobs bag.  This bag is called "Petal To The Metal" Sasha Shoulder Bag.  The gold hardware, the birds, the shape and size are perfect.  Very affordable retailing at $498.   It has creativity with a bit of edge.  Slouchy and big to be your carry all bag.  It's has a downtown chic vibe to it that I love so much.  I have to buy this bag!

Oct 16, 2009

Electric Blue

The menswear trend is so big right now and supper cool if its done right.  A pair of oxfords, paired with a skirt or skinny jeans, can look polished and dapper.  These Electric Blue Oxfords by Sergio Rossi are right on trend.  I wear a lot of black for work, and have become quite used to it.  Wearing head to toe colour can be a bit overwhelming.  Its in the asseccories where I find solace.  I love these shoes because they are fun, whimsical and wearable because of their classic shape.  And blue happens to be my favorite colour.  A splash of colour in a sea of black is always cool and stylish.  These shoes also come in a various metallics that are equally fun and wearable.

Oct 15, 2009

Rolling Stone

Vintage Madonna photographed by the genius Herb Ritts is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Issue 1090.  It will be available on October 29th, 2009.  The magazine will feature an 8 page interview with images of a classic Madonna throughout the years.  Gotta get my hands on it!

Oct 14, 2009

Pinch Free

I have a personal fear of eyelash curlers stemming all the way back when I was in makeup school. In a makeup demo, where I was a model for another student, I had my eyelashes curled. And in that moment, I had a piece of skin pinched with the curler. O U C H!!!!! I have never looked at another eyelash curler again for many years until I realized that in order to get a great lift and curl to the eye, I had to overcome my fear. Laura Mercier, who I absolutely adore, just came out with this pinch free Eyelash Curler. It's a lever type curler that allows you to look straight into a mirror as you position the cushion onto the lashes on the lid. It's the perfect size and fit giving you all the control you need. Helps keep the hand steady, releasing the right amount of pressure. And it's Pinch Free! I have since over come this fear and find it an absolute essential when doing makeup on myself and especially on my clients...

Oct 12, 2009

Scott Barnes Mascara Trick

Scott Barnes is a super talented makeup artist and known for creating the JLO Glow!

Madonna And Penelope

These two seem quite friendly. This is not the first time Madonna and Penelope have been at a party together hanging out. The pair are seen here at Pedro Almodovar's dinner party at Casa Lever in New York.

For A Lifetime

When I was in makeup school(many, many years ago), my teacher at the time always stressed the importance of keeping your makeup brushes clean and moisturized. To preserve your brushes and to last a lifetime, it is crucial that you give them a good wash one a week. Whether you are washing brushes for professional use or your own personal use, I always suggest a very mild and moisturizing shampoo. Another great option is a gentle foaming cleanser for face. When washing, please be gentle. No rubbing or squishing the bristles. Use luke warm water and after rinsing very well, drain most of the water out, reshape the brush (crucial step), lay it flat to dry. Preferably on a towel. Taking care of your makeup brushes will give them a longer life and helps to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Oct 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its a time for Reflection
A time to Appreciate
Family and Friends
All that is Good
Forget what is Bad
A time to Heal
A time to Forgive
A time to let go
A time for Gratitude
A time to be Thankful

Oct 9, 2009

M∙A∙C Artists At Work

M∙A∙C Style Black

Daria & Kate

Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss
Longchamp F/W 09.10

I know that these ads have been out for a while and we are well into Fall. However, every time a flip through a magazine, which seems to be all the time, I stop and really take this ad in like it's the very first time seeing it. Daria and Kate have never looked better. Their eyes are what captivate me and the fact that their eyebrows are bleached out(I do not recommend this), really transform their faces. I know its them but they look a lot more exaggerated...it looks like Pat McGrath's work...What do you think?

Oct 8, 2009

Pretty Boys

Men adorned in flowers, makeup and flamboyant wear. A mix of gypsy and pirate. John Galliano Spring/Summer 2010 Menswear Collection was sweet and full of pretty boys. No other designer can make it acceptable or seem normal for men to walk around like this. Their muscles chiseled and bodies with sheen. Makes a girl blush a little...

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

These shoes by Alexander McQueen for Spring 2010 are Crazy!!! Try walking in them. You would have to be 90 pounds. I am in awe of the creative mind of this genius designer. I would place these works of art on a mantle only to admire them, but to wear them, not in this life...

Oct 7, 2009

Irving Penn

Irving Penn
June 16, 1917-October 7, 2009

Lazy Skin

I don't know about you but when I am feeling lazy about a full cleanse in the evening which involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I can feel a bit overwhelmed. Long days and so much to do, at the end of the night I want easy!! When in doubt, please do not consider laying your head down until you removed your makeup. It's a number one rule when it comes to saving your skin. I depend on MAC Cleansing Wipes. Infused with Vitamin E, leaves the skin moist with an instant glow. Excellent for dry skin and even better for all skin types heading into a colder season. A must in my makeup kit and a great tool for makeup artists. So powerful, it removes any trace of makeup and breaks down stubborn mascara. This is my lifesaver at night when I want to get to bed urgently!

Oct 6, 2009

Jade Green

I am fascinated by this Jade Green colour by Chanel #407. When I think of green, I tend to think of Halloween, witches and goblins. This is a new classy and extremely wearable green. Whimsical and fun! Created by genius makeup artist Peter Phillips who created and blended the Jade colour for the Fall 2009 show. The polish has created a major buzz and now it is the hottest colour off the runways. Retails at $25 http://www.chanel.com/

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