Apr 29, 2009


Being a Cancer can have its positives and negatives. Maternal, home bodies and Emotional. Our actions and reactions surprise people because we can be unpredictable. Water represents Cancer and the Moon is our Ruling Planet. The Moon represents emotion. Water represents our moodiness. We are loving and caring people. We are often misunderstood. We are overly sensitive. We take everything personally. We have incredible instincts that can help us and others. We always look out for others, especially our family and friends. We are extremely protective! If we feel threatened, beware. The Crab is our symbol. Soft on the inside and really hard on the outside. A Crab never approaches its enemy straight on. It glides from side to side with extreme caution. This is how I approach life......from side to side......with great caution.

Apr 28, 2009

No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact

Now, more than ever before, I have been around a lot of puppies(Friends with Puppies). They seem so Innocent and Unaware of what they do. With this innocent side, comes another side.....a side I did not know Existed. They test you. They Push you! Constantly testing Boundaries!
There is this rule that all Puppy/Dog Owners use. No Touch, No Talk, and No Eye Contact when Disciplining. I find this rule incredibly hard. Why? They look at you with those big, brown eyes and it literally makes you melt. How can you Ignore a Puppy. Seems like the Meanest thing you could do. Unless your Ceaser Millan, I don't know how you can stick to this rule. The Dog Whisperer makes it look so easy.......

Apr 27, 2009

Precious Little Edie

She was and still is a fascinating character Little Edie Bouvier Beale. She had passion, strength and so much courage. Through all of her struggles and mishaps in her life, she still had the pride to wake-up every day and get dressed like a Hollywood Starlet and put on her red lipstick. You want to be her friend. You want to know her. You feel the need to save her.

The stage she performed on was inside Grey Gardens. Edie Bouvier Beale has become a Huge Icon for The Fashion Industry, The Gay Community, and especially for all the Women out there who are trying to find their place in the world.

Apr 26, 2009

Express Myself

This is an unknown territory for me. There are so many bloggers out there and many that are excellent at this kind of thing. I am not looking to be an excellent blogger. I am just looking for a place where I can share my passions. I feel that this will be the place where I will truly get to Express Myself! I will be sharing all the things I love. People, Places , and Things. Stay tuned.....
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