Jun 4, 2009

Perfect Canvas

The Most Common Question asked by Women is "How do I get Perfect Looking Skin?" The Answer that follows is A Good Skincare Regime. How Skin looks Before Makeup is Essential. The next Crucial Step is a Great Primer Before Foundation. Primer helps to Smooth and Refine the Skin. It Allows your Foundations to go on Evenly and Helps with Longevity. Think of Primer as the Prep that Holds Everything together Creating the Perfect Canvas. I cannot Live without Primer!
Here are my Top 3 Primers that have Proven to be The Best!
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Light Weight and Oil Free. Feels Like Second Skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. An Industry leader. Durable and Professional.
Korres Face Primer. Hailing from Beautiful Greece. Contains Properties from Nature.


  1. I am thrilled the world is finally been introducted to a line my mother used back in greece Korres, is pure as they come
    love all three prodcts you focused on good job Ms coca

  2. Great suggestions. I've used the Smashbox a lot and liked it.

  3. Great tips! I have heard using a primer really helps, but I still haven't bought one! Maybe it's time... :)


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