Jun 5, 2009

The Fig

Figs are one of my Favorite Fruits to Eat! Exotic, Delicious and Extremely Healthy. Here are a Few Great Facts about The Fig:

*An Excellent Source of Calcium as Milk(Half-Cup of Figs Compares to a Half-Cup of Milk).

*Highest Mineral Content of any Common Fruit.

*An Excellent Source of Dietary Fibre(5 Grams of Fibre Per Serving).

*The Fig Tree Symbolizes Abundance and Fertility.

*Around Since 5,ooo BC(Loved By the Greeks and Romans to Increase Stamina).

*The Fig is an Inverted Flower(How Beautiful).

*In The Garden of Eden, Figs were the Fruit in the Garden for Adam and Eve(Not the Apple).


  1. i love how random this is.. figs are fantastic! love the blog by the way!

  2. no wonder I love figs yummy ,, love the pic Ms Coca

  3. fantastic!! just another reason to remember to bring more home from my parents backyard this summer!


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