Dec 24, 2009

Festive Orange-Red

Nothing is more Festive and Holiday than an Orange-Red lip. The color is optimistic and vintage. A lot softer and more wearable than some of the other reds in trend. I know that these are looks from the Spring 2010 runways shows but I thought them to be very appropriate for this time of year. Happy Holidays...xoLancome Color In Fever


  1. I love Orange Reds, they always look so cheery.

  2. I will be rockin' the orange red lip for Christmas. It truly is the best shade for my skintone.

  3. Hmmm...looks like a punched-up coral. I really love the makeup in the third photo.

  4. My favorite lipstick and toenail polish is a good orangey red. Dammit, I want to write more by Lola, my greyhound is moaning about something. See ya! Happy New Year.


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