Dec 13, 2009

Cancerian Resurrection

So how are you doing with your year-long resurrection project, Cancerian? Have you been taking care of the finishing touches these past few weeks? If not, do so soon. It's high time for you to officially and definitively rise from the dead. Your wandering in the underworld is at an end. Your mourning for broken dreams should be complete. In January, the age of exploration will begin; make sure your reborn spunk is ready for action by then.

- Rob Brezsny


  1. I solely NEED to RESSURECT! I just hope the new year takes me where I need to go solely away from where I am right now! I need a change of scenery! I just need a new beginning!:))

  2. You know...I'm a Cancer. Now I have to go back through your blog and see what this is all about! :-)

  3. I am an Acquarius... however, I probably need to resurrect too. Don't we all? Hope you're having a great week!

  4. I'm on the cusp - my birthday is December 21; but I was born before 12:00 noon, so I'm officially a Sagittarius!! :)


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