Dec 31, 2009

The Best Of Beauty 2009

The Best of Beauty for me in 2009 was the very powerful return of Francois Nars. With his return to backstage beauty for Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection for Fashion Week, he has changed and elevated the beauty world. Nars has not done a show for more than ten years. His return is very inspiring and much needed. I have always had a profound respect for this Artist but I now have a much stronger respect! He is such a MAJOR Industry Leader! And he is the only man I think of when I need an orgasm...LOL! These are a few images that show his talent and genius ideas in beauty...XO


  1. I fully agree, one of the first to create artistic makeup images , Love it xo

  2. Such a great post! Love to see what NARS will do for 2010.

  3. All the shots you choose are so fabulous I don't know which is my favorite.
    Makeup is art. Bravo artiists!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Love these beauty shots! The makeup artists did a great job.

  5. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love all the dramatic eyes!

    Happy New Year, darling!


    P.S. I started a new blog ~ would love for you to check it out and maybe exchange links!

  6. OMG, Amber's hair. If only I could get a big arse fabulous 'do like that. Sigh.


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