Sep 23, 2009

Montreal Beauties

I just did a show in Montreal on the weekend and had a blast. Long days, little sleep and lots of beauty. The models in Montreal were lovely and sweet. A great show can never be great without the models. These girls were exceptional and open to helping out in whatever it took to help get the creative message out there. A lot of heavy lining, sitting still and patience. These looks are reflective of some of the trends we are seeing right now in makeup. Big bold precise lips, defining the bow, a welcome back to the 1920's(Clara Bow). Eyes drenched in heavy black eyeliner and eyeshadow carried all the way up into the eyebrow, a throw back to the very big 1980's trend today. These are some pics I took on my i phone...


  1. I love the heavy liner look! What liner did you use? Petal Essence Black Orchid? Have you seen the new StyleBlack collection by MAC? What are your thoughts on the greasepencils?

  2. Yes, I used Petal Essence Black Tulip Shadow with Black Orchid Pencil...Love the intensity of the MAC Grease Pencils...Fantastic!!!


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