May 18, 2009

The Perfect Eyebrow

I Believe a Woman's Greatest Accessory is her Eyebrows. If Designed Well with Balance, it could make a Woman Standout and look her Absolute Best. Full and Lush. Well Groomed and a Picture Perfect Frame for the Face. I know a thing or two about The Perfect Eyebrow. It's my Business. I see about 50 to 60 Women a week, Helping them with the Care of their Brows. I Care for Every Eyebrow like they were my own. With Love and Passion.

First, an Eyebrow should never look like its Stamped on. Long gone are the days when the Brow looked too Perfect. There should be a Softness in the Lines of an Eyebrow.

Second, The Arch should Fall in the Right Place, where the Brow Bone is highest and after the Iris of the eye. Not sooner and not later. It should Hug the Bone making a Perfect Fit.

Third, They should start before they eye begins and end much after the eye ends. This gives the Arch Freedom to Complete Itself.

Fourth, The Brow should not be Too Round or Too Flat. It should be somewhere in the middle of the two, with no Abrupt Stops, just a Smooth Never Ending Flow.

Everyone has the Potential of having the Perfect Eyebrow. With the right amount of Love and Care, and the Right Professional, you too can have the Best Brow without ever looking like your trying too hard.


  1. Did you just change the picture? What happened to Chandra? lol
    You DO know the eyebrow! Thanks for making mine look so good!!!

  2. Wow! Wish I had eyebrows like that. You must be really good.


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