May 4, 2009

Make-Up Evolution

I had the pleasure to take part in a great Two Day Make-up Class this weekend and it rocked! Covering looks from the Egyptians to the 1920's to present and Forecasting Trends ahead. History is so important to be able to learn about the future. It's amazing how much we have progressed. It just seems so fascinating how we keep improving and evolving. I left today feeling inspired and stronger as an Artist. It has been a while since I felt this revived.......I really needed it.....Thank you!


  1. You Have done an excellent job on your blog way to go buttercup , truly lovely
    happy blogging xo

  2. Lovely perspective and the voice of an artist. I am looking forward to following you.


  3. This is really neat! It is so cool to feel revived with your art...such a wonderful feeling!


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