May 20, 2009

Feeling Blue

One of the Biggest Trends for Spring/Summer 2009 is Color. For Make-up, it's the Color Blue on the Eyes. Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, etc,. Eyes are Smokey or Lined in this Beautiful Color.
The Key to having it look Current and Fresh is to keep the rest of the Face Subtle and Neutral. Treat Smokey Blue Eyes as your Main Accessory. Keep everything else Simple.

Blue is my Favorite Color. It's a feel Good Color.
It Represents Depth and Stability. Loyalty, Confidence, and Wisdom. Blue is Strongly Associated with Tranquility and Calmness. It Assures you that all is Beautiful and Hopeful. Such a Strong Color but Soft and Ethereal.

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  1. Fabulous blog Anna! Liza just turned me on to it and I love it!


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