May 17, 2009


I Love The Wrap Dress. I must have Ten in My Closet. So Easy to Wear, Layer and Combine. I think of the Wrap Dress as the Frame for the Body. You can wear Boots, Heels and Sandals. Jewelry is much more Expressive with a Dress that is so Simple. Pragmatic and Practical. All Women of all Ages and Shapes can Enjoy The Wrap Dress. It's Effortless and Classic. Thanks to Diane Von Furstenburg who Created the First Jersey Wrap Dress in 1972(The Year I was Born). Belgium Born, came to America and had a Great Idea. Diane became an Overnight Sensation with her Design. She started Designing Wrap Tops, often worn by Ballerinas and then Converted the Top into a Dress. Diane has said that the Wrap Dress is Best Worn on a Curvier Woman. I often Feel that it was Made just for Me.....Thank You Diane!

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