Nov 3, 2009

My Smokey Classics

This "My Smokey Classics" by Lauren Luke palette is brilliant! It's the one thing I want for myself. Available at Sephora and at a reasonable price of $48, I don't think you need anything else to create the perfect, sultry smokey eye, flushed cheek, and the perfect pout for your lip. This set includes: two blendable shadow primers, three eye shadows, two lip shades, and a gloss, eyeliner and blush. I love when you can get a palette like this one that has all you need to
create a great face. Easy to transport, keep yourself organized and minimize confusion...


  1. I find the two different eyeshadow primers a bit odd; I can't remember seeing that in a palette before. These remind me a bit of those Poole Kits that used to have a full face in them; I really liked those. x

  2. I love doing a smokey eye...but I don't think I'm very good at it...this looks like a great kit!


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