Nov 4, 2009

Anna From V

This is Morena Baccarin, the 30 year old sexy star from ABC's new Sci-fi series V. She plays Anna, a seductive alien who arrives on earth aboard a mothership of fellow "visitors" with an agenda that is not entirely clear or good. I watched the premiere of the series last night and I could not take my eyes off this pretty face. Brazilian born and with looks to kill, she plays Anna the leader of the visitors, with ease and grace. At some point she will turn and become evil and dangerous. This will be interesting to keep watching to see the changes of her character evolve...


  1. She's adorable. She reminds me slightly of Audrey Tautou. :)

  2. She is a gorgeous " new face" on TV..not too bad of an actress either...look forward to see her character evolve...


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