Nov 17, 2009

Bonham In Balthazar

I just got back from NYC late last night with friends. We stayed the entire weekend. What a blast! We shopped till we dropped and ate the best food ever. Yesterday afternoon, we had lunch at the ever so famous Balthazar(80 Spring Street). I ordered the Ham and Gruyere Cheese Sandwich. It was so delicious! Just as we were finishing our lunch, we realized that ten feet away, Helena Bonham Carter and her adorable son were finishing their lunch too and getting up to pay. What a sight! She looked disheveled and beautiful. Her hair twisted, unkept with her painted dark lips. Dressed in her usual all black, corky, and wacky style. I could not help but feel somewhat star struck. The day before, we were talking about how wonderful of an actor she is and how much we love her. So to see her the next day in the same restaurant was so cool! I had taken my camera out to capture the moment but I was quickly shot down by an employee. Totally understandable! It was a great way to end our stay. Never a dull moment in NYC...


  1. no it was a pleasure meeting you! i hope you guys had a blast in nyc xx

  2. WOW! I luv her, always have! I think she's solely beautiful!:))
    p.s. I missed reading your posts but now that I'm back in the blogosphere I can have my daily dose of COCAMIA!:))

  3. She's so amazing! So glad we got to see her!!!
    I want to go back to NYC!!!xo

  4. I wish I knew...I would have loved to meet you here in NYC. Next time give me a shout out.

    xo Mish


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