Oct 14, 2009

Pinch Free

I have a personal fear of eyelash curlers stemming all the way back when I was in makeup school. In a makeup demo, where I was a model for another student, I had my eyelashes curled. And in that moment, I had a piece of skin pinched with the curler. O U C H!!!!! I have never looked at another eyelash curler again for many years until I realized that in order to get a great lift and curl to the eye, I had to overcome my fear. Laura Mercier, who I absolutely adore, just came out with this pinch free Eyelash Curler. It's a lever type curler that allows you to look straight into a mirror as you position the cushion onto the lashes on the lid. It's the perfect size and fit giving you all the control you need. Helps keep the hand steady, releasing the right amount of pressure. And it's Pinch Free! I have since over come this fear and find it an absolute essential when doing makeup on myself and especially on my clients...


  1. Oh my, that is fantastic! I can't stand it when makeup artists pinch you with their damn curlers!

  2. Gosh..im not good at make up..I usually just wake up and roll my face in flour..But seriously i had my eyelashes permed though a few times doesnt last though.

  3. I stopped curling my eyelashes because I pulled some out when I had chemo therapy last year all my lashes and hair went and when they all grew back...I decided I wouldn't take a chance and loose any again I'm fine with straight lashes..

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. I bought the LM curler ,, you can have it
    doesnt work as promised grrrrr....

  5. Would this be useful in a makeup kit? Does it work well when doing someone elses makeup? I need a new one for my kit and this looks great!


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