Oct 16, 2009

Electric Blue

The menswear trend is so big right now and supper cool if its done right.  A pair of oxfords, paired with a skirt or skinny jeans, can look polished and dapper.  These Electric Blue Oxfords by Sergio Rossi are right on trend.  I wear a lot of black for work, and have become quite used to it.  Wearing head to toe colour can be a bit overwhelming.  Its in the asseccories where I find solace.  I love these shoes because they are fun, whimsical and wearable because of their classic shape.  And blue happens to be my favorite colour.  A splash of colour in a sea of black is always cool and stylish.  These shoes also come in a various metallics that are equally fun and wearable.


  1. These electric blue shoes are cute and I think it is chic if you pair it with skirt and a light blue tops with my big dangles earring. Oh fabulous. :)


  2. Yeah I find colour daunting - unless it is red. I have two big loads of washing at the end of a week - black and red. However, electric blue does seem to be the colour of the moment - seeing it everywhere lately. Adorable shoes!

  3. Not in love with oxfords, but all these colored and lacey ones I see everywhere are pretty irrisistible!

  4. OMG! I luv,luv,luv these electrifying soles! They are solely GORGEOUS!!!:))


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