Jul 5, 2009

where we have to go

I Just Got Back from Being Away at a Friend's Cottage for One Whole Week. All I Wanted to Do was Sleep, Eat, and Read. Pure Bliss! I Brought a Book with Me by Lauren Kirshner called 'where we have to go' and a Dozen of Fashion Magazines. To My Surprise, The Magazines were Hardly Touched and I Devoured Every Single Page in this Book. I Could Not Put this Book Down!
Set in the Early 1990's in Toronto, about a Little Girl Growing up in the Midst of Her Parents going through a Troubled Marriage. Lucy, an Eleven Year Old Girl, Struggles through the Last Days of Her Childhood in a Family Coming Apart at the Seams. Humorous and Sassy, Lucy tries to Find Her Place in The World.....

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