Jul 14, 2009

Pat McGrath

One of the most talented and genius individuals in the Beauty and Fashion world is Makeup Artist Pat McGrath. This British Born Artist has changed the way we look at the Industry when it comes to Makeup Artists. McGrath commands a whopping six figure salary as the Colour Cosmetics Creative Design Director for Procter & Gamble, giving Cover Girl a major face lift and refining and reviving Max Factor. McGrath also creates and forecasts Seasonal Makeup Looks and Trends for major fashion Elites like Dior and Prada. Everybody wants to work with her. Models , Celebrities and Designers love and trust her. McGrath's work is out of this world, always stepping outside of the box. Avant- Garde and Fantasy Art at it's very best! I have nothing but respect for this woman and her beautiful work! Here are a few images of McGrath's creations.....

1 comment:

  1. Having worked with her , was not the best experiance , but an artist she's incredible


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