Apr 28, 2009

No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact

Now, more than ever before, I have been around a lot of puppies(Friends with Puppies). They seem so Innocent and Unaware of what they do. With this innocent side, comes another side.....a side I did not know Existed. They test you. They Push you! Constantly testing Boundaries!
There is this rule that all Puppy/Dog Owners use. No Touch, No Talk, and No Eye Contact when Disciplining. I find this rule incredibly hard. Why? They look at you with those big, brown eyes and it literally makes you melt. How can you Ignore a Puppy. Seems like the Meanest thing you could do. Unless your Ceaser Millan, I don't know how you can stick to this rule. The Dog Whisperer makes it look so easy.......

1 comment:

  1. well i'm no Cesar Milan, but i do my best with the pup...i believe disciple, a lot of exercise, love and a TON of patience helps make a balanced dog. But what makes a balanced Dog Owner?LOL...


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