Apr 29, 2009


Being a Cancer can have its positives and negatives. Maternal, home bodies and Emotional. Our actions and reactions surprise people because we can be unpredictable. Water represents Cancer and the Moon is our Ruling Planet. The Moon represents emotion. Water represents our moodiness. We are loving and caring people. We are often misunderstood. We are overly sensitive. We take everything personally. We have incredible instincts that can help us and others. We always look out for others, especially our family and friends. We are extremely protective! If we feel threatened, beware. The Crab is our symbol. Soft on the inside and really hard on the outside. A Crab never approaches its enemy straight on. It glides from side to side with extreme caution. This is how I approach life......from side to side......with great caution.


  1. This pic is amazing!!!! Cancers are the best!!!xoxo

  2. i'm a little worried now!! glides side to side with extreme caution? Mama MIa!


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