May 20, 2010

Girl Crush

Back in March, I had an amazing opportunity to do Kelly Cutrone's makeup for a press event for her book release called "If you have to cry, GO OUTSIDE."

We meet at the Four Seasons Hotel at 6am and her publicist walked me up to her room. Kelly had just stepped out of the shower and was complaining that she had a pimple developing on her upper lip. I came to her rescue when we were both in the bathroom trying to extract the little tiny blemish that was stressing her out. I made no big deal of it. I simple told her that it wasn't ready to extract and that we should leave it alone. Kelly listened to me.

My experience with her there after was not expected. She was so down to earth, childlike and very spirtitual. She made us laugh, we talked about astrology, her daughter, and some of the men in her life. To my surprise, she gave away some juicy gossip on major celebrity friends. Her new show "kell On Earth" was just being released and while we were prepping her, we watched episode after episode of her show. We laughed for majority of that morning.

If you know Kelly Cutrone, you know she does not like a lot of makeup but loves her eyeliner. Her look that day was the female version of The Cult's lead singer, Ian Astbury. Very much Goth mixed in with a little Rock n Roll. And absolutely no blush!

After leaving her that day, not only did I have a major girl crush on her but she left me feeling so inspired by her strong and gentle feminine power...


  1. Kelly is awesome, I thought she was cool since the first time I saw her appear on the Hills. I saw her once during Fashion Week but didn't approach her because I didn't know she so down-to-earth. Next time I just might though :)

  2. Awesome Girl! You know I love her too!

  3. Kelly is great. I really loved her book.

  4. Thanks for your comment! I hope you have a great day :)

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  5. Must have been amazing to meet her and do her make-up!!!!

  6. Wow, what an amazing experience and great opportunity! She looks great in these photos...I love her style and those shoes in the first photo! You sound like a very calming and professional makeup artist that would be any celebrity's dream.


  7. What a fantastic story! I love that she just exudes herself and doesn't seem to be bent on getting others to like her. Very cool.

  8. I was so glad to be able to share that experience with you. We make a great hair and makeup team. You're the best!

  9. I watched her was refreshing seeing a grown-up woman on a reality show.

  10. I LOVE KELLY! Shes one of the realist people on the celebrity scene. Everything she says is from her, never compromised, never bullshit. Shes a True Queen.

    <a href="”>True Queen</a>

  11. cooooooool post!!!!

    amazing outfits!!!!

    thanx so much for ur kind comm:))



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