Feb 25, 2010

Glee Beauty

Lea Michele who portrays overachieving, fame-obsessed student Rachel Berry on the ever so popular television show Glee is a real and true beauty. One of the biggest reasons why I am a huge fan of Glee is because of this young lady's huge talent and voice. She stands out! The ultimate package! I love everything about her style, charisma and passion!


  1. She is Fantastic! a natural beauty and a magnificent voice! she deserves the all the attention she's gotten recently! i expect nothing but good things from this young actress!

  2. love the images, I heard the whole cast is invited to the White House for Easter, apparently the Obama's are huge fans too!

  3. I love this show!! And I love her. She's so adorable and funny and a TERRIFIC actress/singer. Sigh. Just amazing. I love these photos you chose too. The last one is so cute. :)

  4. I have to admit, I haven't seen the show yet (I know, I know!). But it's on my list of shows to watch (maybe when we get caught up with Dexter and Dollhouse). But I have to say this young woman is lovely. She looks especially beautiful in that gorgeous green dress. That dress has a wonderful old Hollywood vibe.

  5. i adore glee! shes amazing in it, she can do it all, best voice i might have ever heard, brilliant and funny actress, dancer etc. gorgeous also :)

  6. I think is time to see the Glee pilot.Maybe I like it.Lea is a beautiful lady,but I haven't seen her playing.

  7. I really have to watch this show!! Everyone says great stuff about it!
    Shes gorgeous:)!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog:)!!


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