Aug 3, 2009

Fozzy The Boxer

This is my friend Fozzy. He is a Fawn Boxer. I have never met a dog with more energy or personality. Fozzy is all about play and mischievous doings. (I need to hide my shoes). A medium size dog, he is a charmer, the Canine Clown. Funny and silly. Makes me laugh! A smart dog who loves people, children and other dogs. Not a mean bone in his body. Often misunderstood, due to his buff body and boxed face, people think he's a Pit Bull. But when they realize he is a Boxer, they are quickly apologetic and their fear is gone. Boxers are wonderful! They have a great temperament and are very lovable. Soulful eyes, fearless and devoted. Learns quickly and is highly intelligent. Such a great spirit. I'm glad to call him my friend.....


  1. mayve he needs to meet loulou and chico

  2. Fozzy!!!!! This dog is unbelievable!! fantastic personality..very active and very loving...when he wants to be!LOL..he is my pride and my joy..i look forward to going home after work to be with him! all he wants to do is play, play and play!! Fozzy is not aggressive..just very vocal!..loves to keep you on your toes..or chew on them anyways!LOL


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